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A Junior student good at using python and C++. More than two years of Python programming experience and more than one year of C++ programming experience. Have development experiences by using python.


Ace High Card Game

Deal four cards in a row face up and keep the highest rank card, and drop the other cards which have the same suit with the highest rank card. When you got four aces with the different suits you win the game.


This program is a simplified version of pokemon, the player can control the pokemons by the order of what they input. All pokemon can fight with each other by the player’s order.

Tuition Calculator App

This project is to add a tuition calculation system on the university’s official website to make it easier for students to know their tuition fees.


I've learned a range of algorithm in the University. And Taught myself about websit development.

  • Python

  • C++

  • Java

  • React

  • Jupyter

  • Spyder

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